Quality Control Module

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Quality Control Module

Use this module to manage the quality control item workflow, including viewing, creating, commenting on, and closing quality control (QC) items.

When you first access the Quality Control module, a summary page appears. You can return to the summary page at any time by selecting Quality Control from the Field Management dropdown list at the top of the page.

Main Panel

The following items appear in the main panel of the Quality Control module when the summary page or a specific log view is selected:

Log View

A table of all QC items lists the number, space number, space name, space level, subject, status, and due date for each item, as shown below. Overdue items appear in red italic text.


When you roll over a QC item, a list of action icons appears to the right of the item, as shown here:

The icons that appear depend on your user role and the QC item status.

The following actions are available for quality control items:

View opens the View Quality Control Item page.

Edit opens the Edit Quality Control Item page.

Update opens the Update Quality Control Item Status page.

The update option is only available for draft QC items.

Delete deletes the QC item.

Non-administrative users can only delete their own items.


Print Simple Log

Select Print Simple Log to print the contents of the currently displayed log as they appear on screen.

View Full Log

Select View Full Log to perform more advanced sorting and filtering of the log data.

Export Full Log

Select Export Full Log to export the full log contents to Excel. This option allows you to export the log data without requiring you to view it first.

Navigation Panel

The following options are available in the navigation panel:

Add Item

Click to add a new QC item.

Quality Control Logs

Select any of the logs listed in this section to view it in the main panel.

Assigned to Me

All QC items currently assigned to the current user.

My Draft

All drafts created by the user.

My Company Drafts

All drafts created by team members assigned to the user’s company.

My Open

All open QC items assigned to the user.

My Completed

All QC items with a completed status that are assigned to the user.

My Closed

All closed QC items assigned to the user.

My Quality Control Items

All QC items assigned to the user, regardless of status.

All Open

All open QC items.

All Completed

All completed QC items.

All Closed

All closed QC items.

All Quality Control Items

Single list of all QC items.


Select any type to view a log of all QC items assigned to that category. A log is available for each defined type.


This option is available only to administrators.

Module Configuration

Opens the Module Configuration page, where Project Administrators can manage how the module functions, including adding locations.

To access this module

Select Field Management > Quality Control.