Shared Folders Activity Log

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Shared Folders Activity Log

The Activity Log allows you to view a list of activities within the Shared Folders module, helping you to track who is accessing and modifying information in the folders. You can filter the log to further focus the information presented.

The Activity Log does not track history within personal folders. It only displays history from the team shared folders. See Project Folders vs. Personal Folders for more information.

Downloads by external users via the weblink feature are not tracked in the Activity Log, since it is not possible to discover the name of the person downloading the files.

Filter Options


Select one or more users whose activity you want to see. Use standard Windows Ctrl and Shift selection options to select multiple users.


Select one or more actions you want to view in the log.

Start Date / End Date

Enter the Start Date and End Date to define the date range for which you want to view activities.

Click to filter the log based on your parameters.

Log View

The resulting log includes the following information:


The name of the user performing the action.


The date and time the activity occurred.


The action type.


Action details, including file sizes, names, folder type, etc. The information presented varies by action.

Export to CSV

Downloads the log information in a CSV format, which can then be opened in Excel or another spreadsheet program. Exporting the data to a CSV file enables you to further sort and manipulate the data as needed.


To access this module

Select Document Management > Shared Folders, then select the Activity Log button at the top of the page.